EL-O-Matic’s “fit and forget” ideology has helped establish a strong reputation for quality and reliable performance. Users benefit from easy upgrades, repair, and maintenance with fast delivery from stock

El-O-Matic are well established in the world’s process and actuation industries and are globally recognised for this quality and reliability.


Quifer Rack & Pinion pneumatic actuators are specifically designed for use with quarter-turn valves, sporting a wide torque range that ensures the actuators match the operational characteristics of plug, ball or butterfly valves; or any other device requiring precise and reliable 90° rotary motion.

The actuators are constructed of high quality material and undergo 100% pressure, leak and rotation testing before being dispatched.


Our electric actuators have been specially designed for quarter turn applications such as ball, butterfly, plug valves and dampers, providing high output torques for most applications. The high quality electrical components and alloy gearing built into these actuators ensure consistent reliability and an extended life span. 

Actuators Accessories

Valveline offer a wide range of Solenoids, Switchboxes and Positioners.